Factory made single shaft blade for vecoplan shredder Plastic shredding machine

Product Description

Automatic Scrap Metal Car Body Shredder Machine is mainly composed of feed hopper, double shaft cutting system, PLC control system, discharging conveyor system and power system, etc;1. Feed hopper: Put the material to be crushed, in order to prevent the material from splashing out.2. Double shaft cutting system: Adopt different blades according to different materials of customers.3. Power system: We choose famous brands of motor in China, can also be customized;4. Discharging conveyor system: It adopts independent power system which is integrally fixed on the shredder.                                       The raw materials of Automatic Scrap Metal Car Body Shredder Machine can be aluminum can bundle, steel drum, car shell, color steel tile, bicycle, copper aluminum radiator, oil filter, scrap wires, cables, aluminum composite plastic panel, steel wire rope, gas tank, iron scrap, zip-top can, engine case, paint bucket, etc.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Advantages of  shredder:

1.The equipment adopts the method of circular and rolling shear, which optimizes the stress condition, reduces the phenomenon of the rotary cutter plate being stuck,

and reduces the tipping moment to the crushing chamber.

2.The equipment adopts hard tooth surface reducer, which has the advantages of large carrying capacity, high efficiency, low noise, small volume, light weight and long

service life.

3.The equipment adopts high hardness and wear-resisting alloy welding rod to surfacing the edge of the cutter disc, which has the advantages of long service life

and can be repeatedly repaired for sharpening.

4.Quick disassembly and installation of the cutter shaft, convenient installation and maintenance.





1. Single shaft shredder has characters as follows: single shaft shredder properties as follows: strong, durable. It is suitable to recycle a variety of bulk solid materials, refractory materials, plastic containers and plastic barrels, plastic films, fibers, paper. Shredded particles can be small to 20mm according to different needs. We can provide all kinds of feed hopper; low speed rotary cutter in accordance with customer needs , which will be low noisy and energy saving.
2. Single shaft shredder consists of a knife disc and a static knife to complete shredding material. Cutter is composed of a base shaft and several shape quadrilateral knife block. The knife block has 4 blades, can be replacing the use of. The knife block along the axis of the base is in multiple rows into type V, and fixed with screws in the radical axis, rotated with the based shaft together, finally comprise a knife disc. The two static knife is fixed on the machine frame. The material is sent to the cutter by the horizontal hydraulic cylinder. The speed is stable and adjustable, and the propulsive force is large and uniform. It is applicable to the recovery of a variety of bulk solid materials, refractory materials, irregular plastic containers and plastic barrels, tubes, films, fibers, paper etc. Spindle speed is 45 ~ 100 rpm/min.
3. We can offer a variety of rotor configurations to suit different applications.Such as:High Performance Rotor,Hard Material Rotor and Soft and Film Rotor.
4. When customers choose the rotor, we can also offer different knives holder to suit different requirement. Such as:Welded Knife holders,Assembled Knife holders and CNC cutting knife holders.


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    SSZ series of sigle shaft shredders are widely used in the plastic materials such as headstock,thick wall plastic sheet,pipe,hollow plastic products,chemical bule bucket,plastic tray,rubber,film,nets,carpets,wood,kitchen and domestic  garbage.We can also customize the special models basis on customer demand. Adpot PLC can automatically control,stop reverse and overload automatic reverse.With speed,high torque,low noise and so on.

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