Industry hard drive plastic shredder paper Cardboard Shredder

Product Description

Automatic Scrap Metal Car Body Shredder Machine is mainly composed of feed hopper, double shaft cutting system, PLC control system, discharging conveyor system and power system, etc;1. Feed hopper: Put the material to be crushed, in order to prevent the material from splashing out.2. Double shaft cutting system: Adopt different blades according to different materials of customers.3. Power system: We choose famous brands of motor in China, can also be customized;4. Discharging conveyor system: It adopts independent power system which is integrally fixed on the shredder.                                       The raw materials of Automatic Scrap Metal Car Body Shredder Machine can be aluminum can bundle, steel drum, car shell, color steel tile, bicycle, copper aluminum radiator, oil filter, scrap wires, cables, aluminum composite plastic panel, steel wire rope, gas tank, iron scrap, zip-top can, engine case, paint bucket, etc.  

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