Shredder equipment accelerates recycling industry development

PublishTime: 2019-07-29 11:08:00

Shredder machinery and equipment is a professional mechanical equipment for crushing waste plastics, featuring low price, high production efficiency and uniform discharge. The shredder equipment can effectively smash the waste plastics and pulverize the large-sized waste plastic into the plastic pellets of our specifications, which greatly facilitates the storage and transportation of the large-sized waste plastics. The emergence of shredder equipment has expanded the recycling and recycling of waste plastics by recycling companies, effectively reducing the waste and pollution of waste resources, and making the waste plastics fully exploited.

The shredder apparatus can pulverize various plastics, glue heads, films, and pipes into powder or granules by using different screens. The pulverizable materials include plastic packaging materials that can be seen on the market. The company also produces M-type double-shaft large shredder equipment, which can meet the crushing and crushing of large materials such as rubber, tires and plastic barrels.

With the gradual improvement of living standards, the share of beverage bottles in the beverage market is also growing, and it is inevitable that a large number of plastic empty bottles will be produced, which brings business opportunities for recycling and recycling of plastic PE bottles. After being processed by the shredder equipment, there is a new market for pelletized plastic PE bottles, such as processing factories for making toys and plastic pellet recycling companies. In terms of quality control of shredder equipment, Guangzhou Hanuo Machinery Co., Ltd. has a group of high-quality, professional management, sales elites and dedicated staff, strictly controlling the raw materials and manual products, plus Production equipment and technical experience, the quality is good. In terms of cost, the mechanical mechanical shredder equipment has more than ten years of experience, and understands the price of raw materials at home and abroad, making the product price more competitive in the same industry. In terms of product innovation, the company's design engineers combine the international fashion trends to rapidly develop new products, and have new shredder models every month to meet the user's material, output and performance requirements. Adhere to technological innovation, quality priority, and service development.

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