Tire Shredder

Product Description

The tire shredder has a variety of appearances, each manufacturer's exterior design has its own characteristics, but according to the actual production needs, the specific shredding requirements, the internal shredder of the tire shredder is basically divided into four types. , respectively: single-axis knife roll, double-axis knife roll, four-axis knife roll, coarse crushing knife roll. Therefore, we can divide the tire shredder into four categories: single-shaft tire shredder, double-shaft tire shredder, four-axis tire shredder, and coarse tire shredder.


1. Save on transportation costs and landfill costs. Some of the garbage in life is very large, such as furniture waste, wood waste, etc. If we pull it directly into the landfill, it can be imagined that the transportation cost is very expensive. Many people think that China's current landfills do not charge fees. In fact, it is misunderstood. The garbage fees we usually pay include the fees paid to the landfill. In foreign countries, the landfill is dumped into landfills. The volume is paid, in other words, the larger your garbage is, the more you pay, because foreign waste will be broken first to save money.

2. Recycling rubber waste. In fact, many rubber products in our lives can be recycled and reused. As long as we shred it into small enough particles, we can put it into the extruder to melt and then use it. However, the key point is that the rubber waste particles used for feeding should be small enough because the steps before the extrusion granulation process generally break the rubber products such as tires first. People's lives are now inseparable from cars, and as a result, they generate large amounts of tire rubber waste. Recycling tires is a big market. The tire shredder is a practical helper for rubber product recycling.

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