Wood Shredder

Product Description

Wood shredder, also known as shear shredder, is a series of wood shredders that have been researched and practiced for many years and developed according to the actual situation in China. Using the previous crushing, volume reduction treatment provides quality equipment. The machine can be widely used in wood, wood trim, wooden pallets, solid wood, branch paint buckets, waste appliance shells (plastic shells, metal shells) and other large-volume waste.

Performance characteristics:

The wood shredder is a multi-functional, highly versatile machine. It adopts standardized modular design, good interchangeability of parts, and refined by forging die forging. The main knife adopts special alloy steel through special special process. Made of high wear resistance and high strength, the drive part adopts intermediate gear transmission to form a differential relationship. The screen is easy to disassemble, and the appearance is beautiful and the structure is compact and compact.

The materials suitable for shredding are as follows:

Barrel products: plastic barrels, metal barrels, paint buckets, IBC barrels, trash cans.

Garbage: domestic garbage, medical waste, kitchen waste, industrial waste, garden waste.

Plastic products: plastic bottles, plastic frames, plastic blocks, plastic cans.

Paper: newspaper, cardboard, corrugated paper, copy paper.

Electronics: refrigerators, circuit boards, laptop cases, TV cases, CDs.

Glass products: glass wool, glass, glass bottles

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